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The BMS Technical Library is full of information that will help get your BMS cars in the winner's circle.

The Gearing section calculates final drive gear ratios and roll outs for multiple tire diameters.

The Setup Library is a growing compilation of setups for BMS vehicles contributed by  proven BMS owners. These setups are intended to get BMS owners a basic setup when traveling to a new track.

The Overview section pinpoints specific areas of the car that increase performance of BMS products. It is linked with the tuning guide to explain how adjustments on parts of the car affect handling. This is a great resource to fine tune your BMS vehicle.

Tuning tips are available to give a basic understanding of what types of setups are most likely to work on BMS cars given varying track types. They also discuss the unique adjustment features only available on BMS cars.

We hope the BMS technology library helps with tuning your sprint and EDM vehicles. If there is anything you would like to see added to this section send an email to: